Our Vision

Our vision is to create an opportunity for all the talented mothers who are working so hard and yet, feel undervalued because they are not doing enough for themselves. For all the brilliant homemakers who, despite all their multi-tasking chores during the day, go to bed feeling unproductive because they have put their career on hold. Our vision is for those women who are now ready for a career again after a long break, but don’t know where or how to start. For those women with a never-give-up attitude who want to learn something new, so that they can keep up with changing technologies at their workplace. Our vision is to create an opportunity for these superwomen to come together as a single TechPowerGirls Community – where they can learn Flutter, motivate, and push each other to fulfil their individual and creative potential.
Our promise is that no woman will be left learning alone. And that every woman at TechPowerGirls will have that opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower mothers who have had a break in their career. To give them the confidence that they can learn a new technology and come back to IT again. To help them create their portfolio so that their work can speak for them. To extend a helping hand to every phase of their learning journey so that they can achieve success. .


Our Founder

Renuka Kelkar

Founder- TechpowerGirls